A product for life. An investment in the future.

Your Olympia massage chair is a lifetime investment that will transform your family home for years to come. As a part of the Olympia Owners' Club, you can rest assured that your Olympia massage chair will always maintain its outstanding performance.

Detailing Service

Olympia’s premium detailing service guarantees that your massage chair’s pristine condition endures. The service utilises specialised equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products to meticulously clean, sanitise and rejuvenate every crevice. Our attention to detail ensures that your massage chair remains a stunning and inviting centrepiece in your home or office.

5-Year Platinum Warranty

Olympia’s Platinum Warranty offers complete peace of mind, covering all aspects of your massage chair—from the motors and controls to the electronics. Rest assured that your chair is fully protected against any unlikely repairs or replacements, with both parts and labour included. Our warranty is inclusive, covering commercial buyers and regional customers alike, leaving no room for concern.


Moving can be stressful, but as a member of the Olympia Owners' Club we can ease some of that burden. We offer a complimentary relocation service where our team of professionals will carefully disassemble your massage chair, securely transport it, and meticulously reassemble it at your new location, all at no cost. This one-time courtesy service is available exclusively for our metropolitan customers moving within the same city. For any subsequent relocations, a nominal fee of $400 will be applied.

Lifetime Concierge Support

Enjoy lifetime access to our concierge support line for any queries or concerns you encounter. One-on-one consultations with our dedicated team are also available to help guide you through your chair and maximise its features. As an esteemed member of the Olympia Owners' Club, our dedicated team will always ensure you are catered for. For exclusive Concierge Support, please contact us at 1300 613 442.

Access Exclusive Promotions

Membership in the Olympia Owners' Club opens the door to a world of exclusive perks and special offers. You’ll gain access to exciting discounts from our partner companies, spanning various sectors like health, wellness, lifestyle, and more. Additionally, if you bring a friend or family member into the Olympia family through your recommendation, our referral program rewards you with exclusive benefits as our heartfelt thank you for your support.