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Comfy Cloud Neck Massager

Get Your Head in the Clouds

Color – PearlFINISH: Pearl
Simulation hand grasping that takes the weight off your shoulders.
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The path to wellness begins now. Relax now, pay later by splitting the cost into 4 interest-free payments.

Comfy Cloud Neck Massager

Comfy Cloud Neck Massager
Comfy Cloud Neck Massager
Comfy Cloud Neck Massager
Comfy Cloud Neck Massager

Beautiful on any surface

Comfort, repurposed

  • Luxury, Lightly Delivered

    Dive into a therapeutic embrace as innovative rollers caress your neck and traps. All in a lightweight, portable design that literally takes the weight off your shoulders.

  • Up to your neck in heaven

    A powerhouse of performance. Feel meticulous grasping, pinching and kneading that honours every nuance of your neck’s curvature.

  • Warmth that Wraps and Relaxes

    Delight in bubble hot massage that enhances muscle pliability, cocooning you in consistent, enveloping warmth.

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Your Comfort, Customized

Fine tune strength, rotation and positioning to hit the spot every time. It’s one size fits all, yet uniquely adaptable for you.

Anywhere, anytime

Between meetings
At the gym
Waiting for her to get ready
When you're put on hold
At the train station
Watching the footy
While your phone updates
As the laundry spins



Harness Comfy Cloud's ergonomic touch, aligning with your contours for better posture and activating confidence.

Make discomfort a distant memory. Comfy Cloud zeroes in on knots, offering freedom from persistent aches.

Enhance your circulation seamlessly with Comfy Cloud, guaranteeing that oxygenated blood revitalizes every muscle fibre.


Free Postage, Always

No matter where you are in Australia, enjoy fast tracked shipping at no additional cost.

Concierge Support

Dedicated assistance at your fingertips, ensuring premium service throughout your wellness journey.

Platinum Warranty

Enjoy extended coverage that prioritizes your peace of mind for years to come.

30-Day Money Back

Shop with confidence, without risk with our Feel Great Guarantee.


Dimensions: 147cm * 18cm * 14.5cm

Weight: 2kg

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